Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I have lost only what the moth loses
in the candle flame—ash.
I have lost what falls behind
the turning sunflower—shadows.
I have lost the milky scales that cover the eyes
of a snake about to shed.
I have lost what the skeleton gives up
to the worms and the bleaching sun.
I have lost the empty husk a cicada leaves
for a few months in the chorus of summer
after seventeen years in the ground.
At the baggage carousel I couldn't find a tag
with my name on it, because all the tags said

FOUND BAGGAGE LOST HERE is the motto of the Sufi-studies mailing list.

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

These are terrific images--a fine poem!

Yafiah said...

A big sigh of pleasure on reading this, I love the metaphors

Beloved Dreamer said...

Hi my friend. I was here yesterday and read your wonderful poem but Blogger would not allow me to comment. I always enjoy reading you work even if I am not up to commenting. As always, great poem my dear!


tumblewords said...

Oh, yes. Another lovely poem layered deep and full of truth.

Stan Ski said...

We have to attach a value to things, in order to consider them really lost.

The Countess said...

Lovely poem.. There is an emotional attachment I find within the lines.

Anonymous said...

The writing....penetratingly insightful, delicately lyrical, as though both hemispheres of your brain are flowing in concert out the end of your pen.

sb said...

Really lovely. Thank you.

sheece said...

beautiful! (sorry i only have humble adjectives)

Sara said...

Your work is quite impressive. You will be featured on October 3rd on Poets Who Blog.