Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricanes from Above and Below

You wouldn't know it by the satellite
photography-- on Aquavelvet blue
a seeming-harmless swirl of puffy white
that wanders the Caribbean, drifting through
exotic islands, archipelagos
we know by name alone. But watch its path
aimed arrow-straight across the sea. God knows,
it's different when you're there to feel its wrath.

A wall of water rising from the sun-
warmed ocean. Hammer-blows of wind. No house
can stand; they tear like soaking paper sheets,
collapse unroofed, while frightened people run
to seek whatever shelter storm allows.
The bodies of the dead will fill the streets.

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Sascha Cooper said...


I like the variety you have in this poem - especially as the sea is a law unto itself. Very enjoyable!

Sascha xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow. An honest ending embracing the harsh reality.

Lenore said...

Very nice, I really like the contrast between the satilight image and the on-ground reality of it all.