Monday, August 25, 2008

Rain Ghazal

The weather-woman's reading radar, spelling rain,
and all the sewers overflow, upwelling rain.

A blower howls over leaves outside the stores
on Broadway by the bus stop where I'm smelling rain.

Berries, overripe and shriveling on the cane
instead of sun and sugar, taste of swelling rain.

The rattle on the roof and gutter-gurgle make
a background for the symphony of belling rain.

Somewhere in the world there's drought, but here we dream
of buying summer sun and heat, and selling rain.

A joyful heart converses with the rainbow sky,
a sad one lays its burden down by telling rain.

The city noise dissolves in downpour, silent grace,
the muffling hand of God descends in quelling rain.

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