Friday, August 08, 2008

This Month

We're fasting this month. Take it slow
and drink lots of water at night, don't dry
out too much. Watch the moon grow
from a red nail clinging to the edge of the sky
to a perfect silver queen who nonetheless knows
time will fade her to shadow in its measured creep.
An egg ripens and fails and blood flows,
spring tide comes this week, next week neap.

This month wake up; you have been asleep,
too dull to notice time passing. Make the most
of each minute gift. Sunset on the coast
brightens vermilion over the indigo deep.
Hunger sharpens attention. Each sip, each bite
is boundless bounty in the moon-graced night.
Note: The month of Ramadan will begin at the new moon, on or about September 1st this year, and last until the next new moon. Alhumdulillah.

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Annamari said...

"an egg ripens and fails and blood flows" is my favorite...

Lirone said...

A useful reminder that food tastes better when not taken for granted... and I love your sequence of moon images.

twitches said...

Oh, I really like this! Too many beautiful lines to mention.