Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Carcosan Idyll

By the misty lake of Hali
evening rises with a murmur
as from subterranean chambers
where a figure chanting softly
paces, holding high a pallid
mask above his robe of yellow.
Motionless, the watchers follow
with their eyes alone, while gelid
drops of sweat run down their faces,
icy rivulets. No color,
not a mask! A swoon of horror
steals away the courtier's voices.

Gladness fled from dim Carcosa
in the distant long-lost ages
ere the moon's new-risen rictus
mocked their fears and gave no answer.
Empty is Carcosa's throneroom,
pallid shadows call it home.

PS: If you happen to be in Portland this week, do check out the Lovecraft Film Festival going on this weekend.

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Formless said...

Ia Hastur!
Ia Hastur!
Ia Hast



MissMeliss said...

Oh, brilliant. So moody.