Sunday, September 07, 2008


Orange, the blue-collar breakfast workhorse
Pomegranate, trendy, expensively bottled
Tomato, with or without warming dash of Tabasco
Guava, shy, delicate, eternal maiden blush
Apple, modest wallflower aging to brash cider
Apricot, pulp-thick liquid gold and tangy
Grape, tooth-staining heavy Concord-purple
Mango, exotic distillate of tropical sunshine

I don't care for carbonated colas and fizzers
or energy-vitamin-caffeine sport supplements,
fifteen-percent fruit-juice cocktails sweetened
with white grape or pear or high-fructose corn.
Give me a fresh-squeezed fruit in a glass
with plenty of pulp to stick in my teeth.

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lucy said...

Very are a master with words.

lucy said...

Very are a master with words.

Ivanhoe said...

I agree about the freshly squeezed part, just cannot do the pulp. That means more pulp for you ;o)

bv said...

I loved the verbose descriptions and you totally left me craving some seriously fresh squeezed juice!

Happy Manic Monday!