Sunday, October 19, 2008

About me?

Linda Jacobs comments as follows:

I would say your style is to never write about yourself!
Interesting; I always learn something new from your poems!
But, who are you? I was hoping to gt a glimpse of you!

Well, I don't never write about myself; just rarely. Regular readers of this blog probably already know why. But in answer to Linda's question, and for anyone else who may find the answer interesting: My job as a poet is not to write about myself. My job is to get people to look outside themselves, to get more in touch with the world and with the Divine embodied in the world.

Am I not part of creation? Of course I am. But I'm only a tiny piece of it. If I were to write about my finite self in proportion to my status as part of the infinite universe, I would, indeed, never write about myself. The fact that I occasionally do so merely reflects that my understanding is limited to a human scale.

But I thank Linda for the second part of her comment, because if she learns something new every time she reads one of my poems, then I am indeed doing my job. As for a glimpse of me, there's one in my sidebar. It says: "I am not a poet. I am a scribe of Allah."


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Linda Jacobs said...

Thanks for replying! I am so impressed with your poetry and especially the craft you employ in each one that I was hoping to get to know more about you. This answer actually does help!