Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Book news, or lack of news

It looks like my next book won't be with Ecstatic Exchange: Sidi Moore is re-evaluating the publishing business. These aren't good times for it.

Which means I'm looking for a new publisher. Oh, well. When I workshopped with Vern Rutsala through Mountain Writers, he said that every one of his books had been with a different publisher, and this was pretty typical of contemporary poets.

So I've spent several days going through the Poet's Market with highlighters and book darts (Note to anyone aspiring to get some poetry published, be it a single poem or a book of any size: You need book darts.) and there are three manuscripts presently on their way to various destinations. But don't hold your breath, dear reader: response times are in months.

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Princess Haiku said...

Good luck in your efforts as this must be the worst time in many years to be submitting. However, if a lot of people think this way it could work to your advantage.

gautami tripathy said...

As Rhian is too busy nowadays and we all miss Monday Poetry Train, I thought to run it until she is back!
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