Friday, October 17, 2008

Salute to Peter Norman

Did you step in where angels feared to tread?
Did you speak up where lesser men had said
it's not my country, not my business, not
my job to stand up. History forgot
the third man on the stand in '68
a man who stood for fairness, against hate.
It cost you. Recognition didn't come
although you'd brought Olympic silver home.

It's tarnished now, as metal always does
and fame has faded, but that never was
the glory in your crown. The badge you wore
that day beside your medal kept you poor
on earth—but now, on Heaven's vault behold
your name in letters wrought of deathless gold.

RIP, Peter. You were a man.

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Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Nicely written tribute!

Stan Ski said...

Many a true hero brushed under the carpet of time.

Sara from PWB said...

Very well done. You made me want to research his life and find out more about him.

tumblewords said...

Sadly, I know too little about him - but that can be remedied...nicely written tribute.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks to google I got to read the history behind your poem, thanks for expanding my knowledge.