Friday, October 24, 2008

Winter Sports

It's coming to the season when there's snow
on snowboard runs and sleigh-ride tracks and ski
trails, downhill and cross-country. Ski-slope lifts
and trams are gearing up to get the paying
customers to where they need to go.
The lucky folks have paid the season-fee
or got a snow-pass in last-Christmas gifts
and now they're up at Timberline, and playing.

But me, I'll stay at lower elevations
and keep the goosedown parka put away
'cause snow is not my favorite thing to play.
I'd rather dream of tropical vacations,
and sand as white as any snow-clad hill
where no-one needs to dress in Qualofill.

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1 comment:

angel said...

I love to see the snow, but do freeze if ever in it. Fortunately, there isn't much of it here in Alabama.