Sunday, December 07, 2008


All praise belongs to Allah.
The Holy Qu'ran, I:2

so praising God is like being
the surf-sound inside a seashell
or a rainbow reflected in a puddle,
shadow of a shadow.

A ringing in the bell of the world
or the belly of a drum: listen!
Every word we utter is an echo
of the Bang! of creation.

And if you don't know that sound,
kneel and put your head beside an acorn
and wait for the Bang! when it sprouts.
That's praise!

--for readwritepoem
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rob kistner said...

Tiel -

Being agnostic, I am the longing question mark that follows deity, but I cannot deny that this was rich and elegant -- just excellent... ;)


Annamari said...

I have to second Rob (apart the fact that I am not agnostic).
When I write 'religious' poetry I still center it on the "I" but this ...this is different and better.