Friday, December 05, 2008

Tradition Is

a year of growth that's marked upon the wall
a calendar alight with holy days
a private joke, a well-worn loving phrase
a worker trampled at a shopping mall
a raucous crowd of fans behind a team
a group of friends revisiting old haunts
a round of gifts that no-one really wants
a speech that started with "I have a dream"
a picnic on a checkered tablecloth
a candle calling home a restless moth
a steady guide in times that change too fast
an ankle-chain that drags stones from the past
a love affair with antiquated manners
an army marching under faded banners.

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Ruth said...

Wow. Yes. All those things.

Greyscale Territory said...

Love how each line of this sonnet seems to represent a level of tradition. And what makes it so interesting, perhaps traditions we acknowledge subconsciously!

linda may said...

A steady guide in times that change too fast....excellent.

Alisa said...

Wonderful! --a love affair with antiquated manners and a guide in times that change--yes. I agree with Ruth...all of these.

Elspeth said...

Refreshing and insightful.

Marja said...

A great list of traditions

Patois said...

I agree. And this is marvelous.

Menduir said...

Very nice examination of tradition, in the joyous and sentimental and even horrifying aspects of it.

Thank you.
~ Jas.

one more believer said...

simply wonderful...

Jamie said...

Of such things is history made and very well done on the form.

Desert Songbird said...

Great perspective. Gives one food for thought.