Friday, December 05, 2008

Winter Ring

If only it were summer now, I'd fly:
an emerald blur across the lapis sky
a chimney-swift, a swallowtail, a thing
of scales or feathers. Summer on the wing,
a lover's message seeking a reply.

But winter's here, when butterflies must die
and swifts have gone where temperatures are high
and even bumblebees no longer sting,
if only

because they're cold, and can't wake up to cry
alarm against a thief (or passer-by).
The sullen torpors that our winters bring
have trapped my heart inside their icy ring
and summer passions dwindle to a sigh—
"if only."

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Elizabeth said...

Like the imagery and the soft sigh of "if only..." It echoes in the cold stillness of winter.


Fledgling Poet said...

This poem has such a yearning to it, and reads so gently...and I think the title is perfection. Beautiful!

Stan Ski said...

'If only' - not regret; something to look forward to.

paisley said...

a lovers lament... so beautiful.....

TracelessTiger said...

Awww...that was pretty. ^_^

Oh um guys, I have a friend that recently started blogging like me and she hasen't really had anyone read her stuff yet so If anyone could check her out and give their two cents I'm syure she'd really apreciate it, as would I! Thanks so much!