Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hard-Time Blues

We got those blues, got the hard-time blues
We got no money and there's no good news
got the hard-time blues.

Got the grocery bill and the gas bill too
got to buy me a coat and some winter shoes
got the hard-time blues.

Neighbor says they're cutting off his phone
couldn't pay down on his homeowner's loan
got the hard-time moan.

Hospitals all say if you are not insured
they won't operate and you'll end up stored
in the hard-time ward.

They evicted the old lady 'cross the street
she went down the block with slippers on her feet
on the hard-luck beat.

The corner store put up an out-of-business sign
and I heard the owner telling a story just like mine,
a hard-luck line.

Worked overtime and I didn't get my pay
'cause the boss wouldn't fill my card the right way
it's a hard-time day.

Oh, give us some help with the hard-time blues
Just give us a chance and we'll do what we can do
to shake those hard-time blues.

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