Sunday, January 11, 2009

Larval Queen

There's an enchanted princess sleeping
in a six-sided cell. No kiss will wake her
but in her own time she will come forth
armored and carrying a sword.
Then legions bearing black-and-gold banners
will bow to her command. Warriors perform
the Sun Dance while the princes look on,
candidates for her hand, all doomed to die.

The old queen's chambers are vacant
and attendants dust and clean them.
The princess lies under a silken shroud
dreaming of sky under her wings,
princes pursuing her into the sun
and the burning drunkenness of roses.

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crazy working mom said...

So, is the princess about to become a queen?!

I'm manic about cell phone etiquette today.

Dan Gambiera said...

Who else? The old queen is dead, and she has no sisters