Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Plasma Arc Incineration

Like peat bogs, landfills relinquish treasure
by the sleigh-load. Fill the crucible
with junk and wait for the glow: a bit of sun
fish-netted in lines of magnetic force.

Atoms ripped off molecules slalom round
inside their plasma bottle like demented
flickering fire-nymphs. Syngas-powered
dynamos throb in steady synchrony.

Smitten by malign mischief, Eden aches
with coal-smoke bruises, plutonium sores
and petroleum cankers. Slag at least is inert,
scarlike, strong and ugly glass material.

smite; crucible; relinquish; bruise; malign; nymph; ache; throb; slalom; rip-off; glow; junk; flicker; bog; sunfish; eden; sleigh; mischief

more about plasma arc incineration
words courtesy of Read Write Poem

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Cynthia said...

How beautiful, and about a not so beautiful thing. And good use of the words.

Brendan said...

This is an excellent poem. As an engineer, I'm always on the lookout for ways to explain scientific processes in artistic form (left brain meets right brain). The only reservation I have is that plasma arc is not the same as incineration. The incineration process involves burning garbage which creates problematic exhaust. Plasma arc occurs at much higher temperatures and transforms matter instantaneously into it's primary elements to create a energetic gas called "syngas" (sort of like natural gas without the oil drilling). The easiest way to say it is that incineration creates exhaust and arc plasma creates fuel. But enough about left brain thinking and scientific facts, this is beautiful work and I appreciate you sharing it with us.

...deb said...

Fabulous. All those rich words & layered meanings.