Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Candid Camera

3 Word Wednesday: Candid. Impulse. Risk.

A fertile set of words.

Candid Camera
crews risked retaliation--
impulsive subjects.

beware impulses
candidness can be risky
lies can be worse

he likes risky games
a candid description is
"poor impulse control"

on impulse, she risked
and won, but now candidly
says "never again"

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Janet said...

This 3 Word Wednesday
What a fun discovery
I'll see you next week

Tumblewords: said...


Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

I like the idea of them being 'a fertile set of words'.

The NaisaiKu.. Challenge!

pjd said...

They're all great, but I like the final one best. Actually, it's almost like I'm watching you warm up. Each one is better than the previous.

ThomG said...

What PJD said. Each grows stronger.

Heather said...

Fertile indeed! And you used them well.