Tuesday, February 17, 2009


She's a starlet, fugitive from swarms
of viral marketeers and paparazzi
coveting her image for some jazzy
ad-campaign. She topples into storms
of TV-snow, like icy crystals ticking
past the windows of a moving car,
an out-of-focus falling media star
blurred by over-eager shutters clicking.

Coddled in her early years, she ripened
apple-like above a sturdy graft
of beauty onto brains. She studied craft,
scouring diner dishes for her stipend.
Ecstasy may yield to rude surprise:
fame has jaws of iron, like a vise.

--for the Read Write Poem Wordle. Words: ticking, focus, coddle, vise, paparazzi, graft, swarm, ecstasy, starlet, snow, scour, fugitive, topple, covet, iron, virus

OK, it's only semi-trochaic. But at least to my ear, there are enough lines beginning with a stressed syllable and ending with an unstressed one to change the sound away from iambic.

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...deb said...

Oh, great use of words to make a complete picture.

I hope you looked into the 10-week poetry walk contest-thingy. (RWP news not too long ago.)

James said...

I really enjoy the story you tell here. The last line is awesome, and while I wouldn't know from any personal experience, it rings very true.