Friday, March 06, 2009

Love Songs of the World

This is important—
listen, okay? Just listen—
it's important. It's the most important thing you'll ever—
the most important thing in the world is—
listen a minute—


a train calling out for a distant lover
the wings of a thousand starlings writing the Name of God on the sky
the whetstone singing under the knife
whales gossiping about the ocean on the other side of the world
a meteor in the earth's embrace, crying for heaven
sand grains reminiscing about the mountain peaks and stained-glass cathedrals that they once were
and will be again God willing
as you and I and the stars were dust
and will be again God willing
but even as dust swirling in the million-mile-high mazes of the Orion Nebula
(like curtains of gauze in the nursery of newborn stars)
we'll remember to sing
love songs, God willing.

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Fledgling Poet said...

Breathtaking...the visual imagery was amazing. Thank you!

Linda Jacobs said...

You are amazing! Your heart and brain are made of poetry!

Emma said...


Angelynn said...


bluebethley said...

A beautiful, powerful poem that really came alive for me once those images began to flicker on the page. Wow!