Friday, April 24, 2009

Swallow Feather

Once, in rainy autumn weather
when I prayed in sad prostration,
at my window fell a feather
like a postcard from Creation.
Gleaming blue with iridescence,
pointer to a deep connection
with some long-forgotten lessons,
signpost of a strange direction.

Now I am a summer swallow
in the sky. I wing in soundless
depths of blue above the boundless
seas. A feathered spirit, flying
since the day, when I lay dying,
God passed by and called me: Follow.

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Sarah said...

the movement in the second stanza is really amazing, Tiel. There is definitely a shift there in that ninth line that carries the reader - very well done.

floreta said...

a ray of light. i like the way this poem flows.

Dee Martin said...

This makes me wish for wings!

Tumblewords: said...


Linda Jacobs said...

Really beautifully crafted! Nice subtle rhymes and I like the scheme in the second stanza separating the swallow/follow rhymes.

b said...

Beautiful image...from here to there and now a swallow in the wind.

thank you


Anonymous said...

nice sense of time passing, growth, and flight