Friday, May 15, 2009

Dazzling Darts

The dazzling dart of dragonflies
across the water-shimmer makes
the water shiver in my eyes.
The dazzling dart of dragonflies
and ripple-sparkle that replies
across the shining summer lakes—
a dazzling dart! A dragon flies
across the shimmer water makes.

Across the shimmer of the lake
the dazzling dart of dragonflies
draws edges that my heart could break
across. The shimmer of the lake
dim-silhouettes a firedrake
a ghost of water in my eyes.
Across the shimmer of the lake
the dazzling, darting dragon flies.

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Michelle Johnson said...

A bit of a tongue twister, this one but, it's still a beautiful poem. Have a nice weekend.

Deeptesh said...

Truly dazzled me.I'm from the train.drop by my blog as well.

Lion-ess said...

I'm actually reading a book now that talks about dragonflies.
It states that the dragonfly is associated with illusion, magic, visions and dreams.

Neverending story said...

Dazzling, as always.

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, the dragonfly dazzles, but this is a difficult form to read, of course you do it well, but it still hurts me, and I have to read it several times to 'hear' it right. I do like the dragonflies and the dragon flies wordplay. Okay, it's pretty brilliant but...

Linda Jacobs said...

So much fun!