Saturday, May 16, 2009


A lover's soul, in trauma from rejection
may attempt eternal self-protection
by erecting walls and barring doors
a fortress-heart, defended from all wars.
As if a sooty petrel were to soar
in fruitless search for stormless ocean shore
and never nest. The price? A disconnection,
loss of warmth, a blurring of direction.

The world retreats behind a windowpane,
a sheet of isolation, lonely-glass
and shutters made of self-indulgent pain
through which no human word or touch can pass.
The catch is jammed, the hinge too stiff to open.
To save a heart, the window must be broken.

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AD said...

i shuddered at the thought of self-indulgent pain!
wonderful prompt promptness
Happy SS

Marja said...

wow Great job I've been there

Michelle Johnson said...

Haven't we all closed ourselves up to the world at one time or another because that pain was so unbearable. But, that pain is even stronger when we can't share it. Have a nice day.

Tumblewords: said...

To save a heart ... the final line is wonderfully enlightening.

Dee Martin said...

"and never nest" so sad and true. I think this is my favorite!

floreta said...

this sounds like my ex =/
it's hard loving people like this. frustrating.