Sunday, June 14, 2009


Oh, what is absurd?
A featherless bird?

If I baked a cake
and sliced it in thirds
would anyone take
a piece of absurd?

If I rode a horse
all saddled and spurred
would I be the worse
for being absurd?

When memory fails
and photos are blurred
I'll tell you a tale
both true and absurd.

Forget being sober
and pleasures deferred
just give all that over
and live life absurd!

Oh, what is absurd?
A meaningless word.

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webmaster said...

I like and admire this poem a lot.
With its lilting rhythm and rhyme,
it is more than absurd!


Michelle Johnson said...

Your poem has a hint of Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes playing around. How wonderfully absurd. Have a great day.

Retromus-ik said...

What a nice poem! Very light. I agree with Michelle; it has a nursery rhyme feeling to it. Good job;)

Dee Martin said...

Love this!

Bobbe Edmonds said...

Loved this one, Tiel.