Friday, July 24, 2009

Urban Warfare

The air smells of burning tires
because the swings from the playground
have been thrown on the barricades.

The surly cadres cared nothing for
any trespass against the sanctity
of a space devoted to child's-play

and their crafty-eyed leader supposed
the neighborhood would be cowed—
he didn't expect outraged PTA mothers

and Eagle Scout fathers brandishing
the rakes and pruning shears with which
long ago, they volunteered to care for

the school grounds. No-one ever
unvolunteered them.

--for Cafe Writing and Weekend Wordsmith
Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Michelle Johnson said...

nicely written.

snack said...

i like this.

LibraryGirl62 said...

That's right...don't mess with moms and dads who volunteer~they take that stuff seriously :)

Richard Wells said...

That's funny because it is, and because I dreamt of urban (gang?) warfare just two nights ago. Replete with machine guns, dark streets, running, etc.