Friday, July 24, 2009

Where in the World

Shafts of light like spider-legs
approach through morning fog,
gathering dew from the grass.

Noon stands astride the world
a brazen colossus, red-hot fire
dripping from his hands.

Crescent moon, a scoop of sky
flavored peach and lavender
melting to turquoise silk.

Chandeliers of planets swing
like vari-colored lamps in
gravitational brackets.

Life runs over like softened wax
from aromatic candles, shaped by
currents and unrepeatable chance.

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Linda Jacobs said...

Oh, Tiel, I love this! The spider-legs, the fire dripping, the scoop of sky, the softened wax. Just wonderful images!

Michelle Johnson said...

I love this too. You carry strong images throughout this piece and end it on such a note that one thinks about those currents and unrepeatable chances. Well done. Have a great night.

Stan Ski said...

Here, there and everywhere - What a good read!

Understanding Alice said...

wow, that is just lovely - havent enjoyed a poem that much in ages - thank you

Marja said...

Shafts of light like spider-legs
beautiful like many other lines An amazing poem Thanks

Thornbird said...

Loved the powerful imagery that you've created here!

Americanising Desi said...

an amazing poem with excellent imagery :)

Where in the World are you Belove

Granny Smith said...

"chandeliers of planets swing..." and all of your other original but exactly right phrases make me bow before your sheer poeticism!

Anonymous said...

Simply wow !!!

Tumblewords: said...

This may be my all time favorite of your always exquisite work.