Friday, August 28, 2009

Sculpture Garden

Inspired by sculptures seen at the Maryhill Art Museum. Please click on the links to see pictures of the sculptures.

wind-shaped metal points
to a line of leaning trees
iron echoes wood
("Brushing" by Mike Suri)

this taco's tasteless
but it doesn't matter, for
the bell has no tongue
("Taco Bell" by Tom Herrera)

face-on, he's solid
turned sideways, he disappears
truth is in-between
("Quantum Man" by Julian Voss-Andreae)

they preen and scatter
eyed feathers more brilliant
than any sculpture
(Peacocks by God)

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Michelle Johnson said...

I like these Tiel. Brushing made me think of a bird's wing. Have a great weekend.

Granny Smith said...

These are a perfect marriage of verse and sculpture. I especially like the tasteless taco bell with no tongue :)

I have a particular liking for the final one, by God!

Sweetest in the Gale said...

Beautiful! I love that you provided the visuals of the actual sculptures.

objects of imitation said...

Hello! We invite you to contribute to our new poetry blog: objects of imitation

quin browne said...

oh, i liked these.

Patois said...

Oh, thank you for having me click the links. Your set-up was magnificent, particularly for the peacocks.

Dee Martin said...

Poetry in words, in sculpture, and in presentation :)