Tuesday, September 29, 2009


think yourself a White Knight
galloping expressways in search
of invaders to kill

am only a porter
carrying supplies as needed

treat me as an enemy
Red King's pawn

ever said this was
a game made up
of rows columns square cells?

are at war, but it's
auto-immunity, my
reflection, other self

Image courtesy of Thomas Hawk via Read Write Poem

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Paul Oakley said...

I like the way you present the enemies as living out an auto-immune response. The Other and the self are one, the enmity, while standing on a real-world foundation of historical failures, it is, when looked at with open eyes, an illusion.

Paul Oakley
Blogging his ReadWritePoem poems at
Inner Light, Radiant Life

davidmoolten said...

I think this quite deftly switches between various tropes in portraying the tragedy of confrontation. I love "galloping expressways in search of invaders to kill" and that the other is a humble "porter"-- very imaginative, and then to get at the unemotional biological (an immune response) as an ending metaphor is bleakly but powerfully effective.

briarcat said...

I like the idea of the blood porter to the white knight in search of invaders. It's a very tight twist.

Tumblewords: said...

Smoke and mirrors, you and me, we are not. I like this.

Wayne Pitchko said...

very nice...thanks for sharing

rbarenblat said...

I like the shift from White Knight, invaders, porters, to auto-immunity and cells. Lovely.