Friday, September 18, 2009

Ending Ramadhan

The fasting month of Ramadhan ends this weekend.

My belly, empty as a bell
for four full weeks, is ringing close
to closing. Shrinking moon-shapes tell
the tale of days. A dimming dose
of moonlight limns the month's demise
as shadow claims the silver limb
and turns a mouth of round surprise
to glimmer on a goblet's rim.

We lay aside our fasting garb
and celebrate the feast of Eid
but elsewhere hunger's bloody barb
still rides and rowels those in need.
They toll in silence, tales unsung
like empty bells without a tongue.

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Michelle Johnson said...

another great poem, Tiel. always a pleasure to read your work. hope all is well.

Elise said...

Great poem, thank you !

linda may said...

I like this.
I always wondered do you lose weight during Ramadan or make up for the fasting in the evening?

Lion-ess said...

great poem!

Are you eating endlessly now that Ramadan is over?

Starving for Control

Dee Martin said...

I especially loved the last four lines.

Jane Doe said...

Simply wonderful! I love the last lines, they leave the reader with a sense of aching need and compassion for those less fortunate.