Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Black Friday Stomp

Warning: in bad taste.

Just see them crowding at the plate-glass doors:
they'll open soon, there'll be blood on the floors
as people fight to get those special deals.
The holidays are here, you know it feels
like we're dying in the Black Friday Stomp.

A ten percent reduction, though the price
had gone up yesterday to almost twice
what it was week before last. Oh, but wait:
include the manufacturer's rebate
and it's worth risking the Black Friday Stomp.

Black Friday Stomp, Black Friday Stomp
You can call it a dance, you can call it a romp
In dire circumstances, we bring on the pomp
and celebrate the Black Friday Stomp!

We barely can afford the food and rent,
the winter heating budget's overspent
but no-one can resist that sales tag.
So throw that one-time item in the bag
and fight through the Black Friday Stomp!

--for Read Write Poem's December mini-challenge, which seems to find me cranky this year.
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