Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Dreams

My avarice is puny, but my dreams
are plenty big. I dream of depthless ocean
where lamplike fish, in slow but endless motion
swim through waters darker than the sky.
In cold upwellings of abyssal streams
they glide and turn so slow they seem to fly.
No lines or nets have ever trawled this deep
but I, a dreamer snagged upon a hook
of sunlight, dragged into the realms of sleep
am brought here every night. The giant eyes
of deep-sea fish cannot express surprise
but sometimes roll back for a second look
at my misshapen ghost. I render thanks
in darkness, for their phosphorescent flanks.

--for Sunday Scribblings
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Stan Ski said...

I sometimes have similar strange dreams.

Dee Martin said...

I have seen pictures of strange fish in the deep with flourescent appendages that cause them to give off their own light - I felt like I was there. I loved the feeling of this.