Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

Do the diamond seas of Neptune
glitter in the endless darkness
of the vacuum between planets?
Do the oars of pirate vessels
gleam with drops of liquid carbon
brighter than the dim and distant
sunlight? Doesn't watching Saturn
sigh with envy, craving jewels
though he wears a shining halo
girded round his vast equator?

Tales of travel and adventure
may be set by future writers
on the frozen islands floating
in a vast and lightless Arctic,
cubic crystal-lattice landmass
lit by pure imagination—
Neptune! world of hoarded glory!
Ancient trove that every dragon
weeps to think on! Glassy gazes
from our planet search your secrets.

Neptune's ocean gems the heaven
rivalling the lands of legend:
valleys in remote Montana
(in that story by Fitzgerald),
Shangri-La and deep Atlantis,
Avalon and El Dorado.
Isn't human nature funny,
always seeking distant treasure
on the outskirts of the solar
system, off in Terra Incognita?

In response to Read Write Poem's prompt this week. If you'd like more detail about the thought process that got me here, you can look at this post.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you did break the mold with this style (daughter of the moon, Nakomis), but I love the images. Especially the pirate vessels and drops of liquid carbon.

Anonymous said...

Wow Tiel, you have gone to the outer limits on this one. What a phantasmagorical fantasy. I loved the basic premise of this poem and the unexpected humanity question. Maybe 'always seeking distant treasure' is one of the reasons we continually look for an answer to God, even in distant heavenly bodies. This was a very good piece.

Tumblewords: said...

I've been reading your poetry for about three years or more and probably wouldn't have connected this one to you - except for the use of beautiful words and images. Having read details of your process, I have to say that you worked this very well. Excellent read (as always).

Dan Gambiera said...

The diamond seas of Neptune come from this research and speculation.

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely written Tiel...thanks for sharing this

flaubert said...

Beautiful imagery here!