Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dowry of the Bride

Can these crumpled leaves really hold a flower?
A fist clenched this tight would crush any flower.

A glimpse of sky through the roof of a bower
naked to the wind and unclothed with flowers.

Emerald enamel sheathes the walls of this tower,
this bud that imprisons the thought of a flower.

And the hopeful search, and the desperate scour
their hearts for a glimpse of a beckoning flower.

Last summer's savor has turned to sour
for want of the perfume of opening flowers.

And no-one can dream yet of a tranquil hour
when bees might rest upon an outspread flower.

The Bride of the Beloved will reveal her dower
when God calls "Open" to the sleeping flower.

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Anonymous said...

This is lovely as well as haunting.

Stan Ski said...

A hidden gem!

madeline d. murray said...

The poem is quite beautiful, and the image is lovely as well. Thank you.