Friday, February 12, 2010


Red-painted nails and frosted hair hide
frowsty decay and slow panic.

She'd been a girl in ribboned frocks,
his lubricious patter made her froward.

Now he frowns and mutters. She walks on
eggshells, smiling frozen fictions.

He pulls a hacksaw from the footlocker
and waits for her in front of the house

but she has kissed a crowned frog
and frolics joyfully in the swamp.

words courtesy of Read Write Poem

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Nothing like a little froggy romance to brighten up any morning. :-)

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

This prompt seems to have educed a lot of princesses and frogs this week.

I enjoyed your piece. I especially liked your last two lines...seems she gave this creep the slip. Well done.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad she found a way out of it.

flaubert said...

Excellent little fairy tale with a great ending!

Tumblewords: said...

A good frolic in the swamp with a crowned frog will surely shake the vapors. I love this, Tiel!