Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Watch this. It's breathtaking.

I'm just the next one in the row
Knock me over, you know
Where I'll go

But you never know where it will end
As the motive force travels from handle to hand
And a ball might roll and fall in a hole
(It looks just like chaos but it's under control)
Or maybe a hammer will drop from the ceiling
Send a manikin reeling
Knock me over and a bucket might overflow
I'm a domino

I'm just the next card in the pack
I'm a ball rolling helpless on a spiralling track
Knock me down and a garbage can spills
And a fan blows a parasol halfway to hell
While the screens fly apart for the show
I'm a domino

I'm a marble they tossed in the ring
To bring down a tower and make a golf club swing
The typewriter's typing but all that it writes
is the next move in this Goldberg device
A piano comes down on a string
Oh, the guitar would play its own tune
if it could get rid of those tinkling spoons
It's a glass harp in a concrete room
And I'm a ball on a spring
What do I know
I'm a domino

I'm only a link in a chain
Like hand-in-hand monkeys all dancing in pain
I'm boxes and barrels heaped up and unstable
a hopper of nerf-balls, a broken-legged table
a shattered TV-screen that hangs from a cable
the ghost in a Lego machine
I'm a hapless event in a sequence that's framed
by paint-guns and domino rows
I'm a domino

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Andy Sewina said...

I'm a domino, knock me over! Nicely done!!

Steve Perry said...


Lemme see if I can work up the music for the lyrics ...