Monday, March 01, 2010

Strobe Light

The day wrapped itself in peach-colored ribbons
like a gift from God to a still-sleeping world.
A hard gold gleam on the eastern horizon
brought crows tumbling like black banners unfurled
through the grey air into dawn incandescence.
They quarreled over theological fine points
shaking their feathers, shedding casual iridescence,
rainbows breaking from the blackness of pitch.

Each day, unnoticed and unpretentious
these are the miracles that move across the globe.
Light out of darkness and color out of black
between the on and the off of a strobe—
between the closing and opening of a blink—
call us to rise from sleep, awake and conscious.

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1 comment:

laurasalas said...

This is beautiful--I especially love the crows tumbling through the gray air. Great image!