Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Instructions for Constructing a Tesseract

A tesseract has forty-eight faces Like the Janus of a twenty-four-fold doorway With a different line written across every face Like phrases written on a page The relationships are more important than the content The space between the lines is even more important
Being made up of eight cubes, each with six faces There are forty-eight cells in this matrix My grandfather read them across Poetic images juxtaposed at random Arrange that they are all commutative Like the spaces between the lines of a net
You must write one line on each face My grandfather wrote them down When he built his universal traveling device out of Rigorous progressions of logical syllogisms You can read them in any direction A net can be folded in any direction
The order must be precisely correct Like the columns in an account book Rigorous and painstaking numerical calculations Forming a map, a key, a spell Once they are folded into cubes So that the sums carry over the gaps between columns
The relationships among the lines determine the destination Organized for the desired result, they Arrive at a set of numinous coordinates A card to the library at Alexandria Where the cubes are joined with n-dimensional tape To create what is called the net of the tesseract
The space between the lines determines the distance Sum carefully over the intervening time and space Read your way to the hanging gardens of Babylon An answer for all the riddles of the tribe of Sphinxes Which is only an aid to understanding the mystery A shape that approximates the reality
But remember that it's only an approximation To get you at least close to where you're going The tree under which Gautama still meditates is guarded May not be reached without giving up something There is an algorithm that specifies the creation Of a permutative labyrinth containing a logical Minotaur
My grandfather warned me You must be wary of the seductions of permutation Infinitely differentiable manifolds of illusion You thought precious; revealed to be empty There is a revelation that destroys the perception Of a tesseract folded into itself and disappearing altogether.

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Dan Gambiera said...

You said it could get me to the Library at Alexandria.

How come I'm stuck in Lodi?

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

Evidently you did not get the lines in the right order, Dan.