Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Party at the End of the World

We party while it's getting dark. You know
that all the brightest young things gather here
because there's no place else for them to go

where they can be appreciated. So
important to be able to appear
at parties when it's getting dark, you know?

We're fever-moths and fireflies. We glow
and sparkle. Such a lively scene, my dear:
the only worthwhile place for us to go.

A masque of mummers, pantomime with no
libretto making mystery actions clear,
a party in the gathering dark. You know

that's really all that's left to us. Although
we try to hide the fact with hectic cheer,
there isn't any other place to go.

The curtain's risen on the final show
and closing time is on the clock, I fear.
We're partying against the dark. We know
there's simply no place left for us to go.

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