Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top 10 posts

Been a while since I looked at the numbers.

Currently the top 10 posts on my blog (since I installed IceRocket in January of last year):

Umbrella Manifesto
Literal and figurative poetry
Pressed Rose
AI Poetics?
Simile and Metaphor: Greens and Blues
Shihuangdi's Tomb
Lot's Wife
Lollipop Girls
Buddha Hand

All except Umbrella Manifesto are accumulating hits steadily. Umbrella gets an occasional hit, but in the fullness of time I expect it will be overtaken.

Pressed Rose is actually a newcomer to the top ranks. I don't know why it's gotten so many hits lately.

For what it's worth, I now have over 1400 posts labelled "poetry" on this blog. As a count of the number of poems I've written, it's approximately correct: there are a few poems I've written that aren't on the blog for one reason and another, and a few multi-poem posts.

All this in about 5 years, alhumdulillah...

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