Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I heard something terrible happened to the family next door.
There were cops all around the house this morning. Yellow tape, and that.
I heard screams last night.
No, that was the movie that was on.
I heard there was blood everywhere.
You can't believe everything you hear. It was a full moon after all. Silly season.
But something really happened to that family?
I invited the sister in for coffee. They had to go and identify the bodies.
Oh, how awful.
There was nothing left but the goldfish.
I didn't know they had a goldfish.
They just got it last week.
I heard the cops were stumped.
How would you know that?
Something really awful must have happened.
Who's going to take care of their house?
Who's going to take care of the goldfish?
Hey, I'll bet it's a killer goldfish.
How can you joke about this? It's dreadful. The whole family.
No, seriously. Goldfish could be like sharks. They go crazy when they smell blood.
But only at the full moon.
Now that's just dumb. Goldfish?
Where'd they get it, anyway?
The kid brought it home from the carnival. He won it as a prize.
What carnival?
Out at the fairground?
I didn't hear there was a carnival.
Neither did I, but that's where he got it. According to the sister.
My brother-in-law is on the town council and he never said anything about a carnival. I mean, they'd have to have a permit and everything.
Maybe it was a ghost carnival.
An evil carnival that gives away were-goldfish.
Goldfish that turn into wolves when the moon's full, and kill everything in sight.
Well I don't know about you but I'm not adopting anyone's pet fish.
Me neither.
Me neither.
You never know.

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