Saturday, May 08, 2010


Was Jonah in the belly of the beast
a refugee, a parasite, or prey?
We've always thought him just a whale's feast,
poor Jonah. In the belly of the beast
the gravid weight of prophecy increased
until it vomited the stowaway.
For Jonah found the belly of the beast
both refuge, and a sight to make him pray.

for Writer's Island: stowaway.
Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Dee Martin said...

What a wonderful interpretation of the Jonah story, truly a delight!

Marja said...

Just love it

Paul Oakley said...

Delightful interpretation of the story told in wonderful rhyme scheme. Nicely done!

Linda Jacobs said...

Love your creative repetitions!

Wayne Pitchko said...

I agree Tiel....indeed a nice interpretaion of story....thanks again for sharing