Sunday, May 02, 2010

NaPoWriMo post-mortem

So April is past, and with it some of the goals I set for the month. To wit:

I wrote and posted an average of more than 1 poem per day. That's average. I've always figured the poem-a-day rule should be interpreted in that light. Let me freely admit that I did some jiggery-pokery with the post dates to make the post per day.

I wrote to more than half of Read Write Poem's final series of prompts, qualifying me for inclusion in their anthology. I've sent in the submission.

I completed the Madoc suite. Here's the really cool part: I sent the link to Neil Gaiman, and asked for his permission to get the suite published as a chapbook. He has very graciously agreed. So my next goal is going to be to try to find a publisher for that set of poems: it will probably be titled "Ideas in Abundance", maybe subtitled something like "The Madness of Richard Madoc", or some other reference to the origins thereof.

If I can't find a publisher for the Madoc suite (it is rather a niche-market thing), I'll self-publish it and flog it to the comic stores in this town. First step should probably be to investigate some of the SF-oriented poetry websites.

Looking over the Madoc suite, I'm pleased with how most of the poems came out. They're a bit darker than most of my writing, and a surprising number of them turned out to have to do with sex. (Or lack of it, in "Vampires Don't Dance.") I really like that tesseract poem: designing it made my head hurt, but it proved surprisingly easy to write once I figured out what I was doing.


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