Tuesday, June 08, 2010


We're afraid to walk alone on Skyline Boulevard
where the trees reach up high and the canyons are deep.
Parents keep their children close to the yard
and stand guard on the stairs while the youngsters sleep.

Where the trees reach up high and the canyons are deep
a boy disappeared with no witness or warning.
They stand guard on the stairs while the young are asleep
but he vanished from school in the middle of morning.

A boy's disappeared without witness or warning.
Grim-faced men search the forest for traces of a life
that vanished from school in the middle of morning.
No-one saw a car pass and no-one smelled a knife.

Grim-faced men search the forest for any trace of life
hoping against hope to not find him dead.
No-one heard a car, no-one remembers a knife
like a claw digging into a face that fled.

Hope against hope that the lost is not dead,
but we no longer trust that hope does any good.
Despair digs its claws in the faces that led
the furious search in the wind-shaken woods.

We can no longer trust that it does any good
for parents to keep children close to their yard.
Now the Furies course the wind-shaken woods
and fear walks alone on Skyline Boulevard.

Three days gone and no news. Pray for Kyron's safe return.
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Greyscale Territory said...

Almost a lament for a very real tragedy. In some ways, there is an anger! It is that anger born of helplessness and frustration that truth is so elusive! Beautiful!

rbarenblat said...

Oh, wow. Stark and powerful.

Mary said...

What a powerful telling of this real news story. I have been hoping he will be found. I think it IS an angry pantoum. Families should not have to go through these kinds of experiences. Prayers for Kyron.


Linda said...

Anger not showing? I beg to differ -- you've pretty much wrapped up all the stages of grief here -- denial, anger, bargaining, depression...even acceptance, as you've allowed this entire neighborhood to accept the fear that comes along Skyline Boulevard. This was the most powerful line for me: "but we no longer trust that hope does any good." wow. http://lindagoin.com/

Cynthia Short said...

So powerful and sad, and YES, I do detect a simmering anger...

Tumblewords: said...

Fear and anger are so closely related. The loss of hope and trust is so evident in your words - as they are in the tragedy itself.

Diane T said...

This poem is definitely one of righteous anger. It captures the intensity of fear and anger so well. The more time passes the less likely there will be good news. So sad.


Deb said...

The last stanza culminates the emotion a city feels.

Well done, Tiel. And sadder still these many days more.

brenda w said...

Tiel, This is evocative writing. I found myself rising with anger and fear thrown together. You've given well measured voice to a tragedy. Expertly crafted!

Anonymous said...

a beautiful pantoum, to remember a lost boy and how we are all held captive by his disappearance.. and yes, we shall look forward to his safe return and the welfare of his family as well...