Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Flaming hair escaped from tight green cornrows
hung with hummingbirds like jeweled pins
bumblebee-sized hovering emerald and ruby

swaying in the evening air's warm flows
caressing our sun-stung sweating skins
with cool condensed nectar. Sweetness drew me

away from the sidewalk where stubborn rose
scentless petals and dry thorny leaf-thins
flaunted pointless pink. Crocosmia grew free

rambling in ferny backyards and hedgerows
rustling deep damp around deep-tanned shins
red-orange eye-heart rocket blossom blew me

into orbit low earth hummingbird hover
rocked in rocket arms by Crocosmia lover.

Images courtesy of UBC Botanical Gardens.
Collection available! Knocking from Inside

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Stacey Smith said...

Words to live in for the day.