Friday, July 30, 2010


Behind this door you will find:

a captive prince who is the true heir of Faery
a wall of grave dirt studded with human teeth
the outside
a kelp forest that is home to three giant octopus and a family of selkies
your next life
a flooded river carrying Chinese junks, ducks and sampans
endless beaches of sand so white it burns your eyes
a room full of fresh-baked loaves cooling on racks
a house full of the ghosts of torture victims
something that will change you forever
the bridge of a warship in the harbor at Alexandria
a coral reef full of fish as brilliant as broken stained-glass windows
your true love
a temple carved out of red sandstone and filled with statues of onyx and alabaster and drifting sand
chained dragons with porcelain teeth and niobium scales
a broom closet full of newspapers dated 1912, from every city in the world
the salt flats around the nuclear test site at Alamogordo
a huge flock of swallows wheeling in the sky
the kitchen of the house you lived in as a child
a blues band playing "St. James Infirmary" in a smoky tavern
knowledge of the secrets kept by kobolds under Storm King Mountain
a window looking out on a desert of blue sand and violet sky
children playing in a backyard surrounded by high windowless walls and razorwire-topped fences

Unlock it. Unlock it if you dare.

image courtesy of Magpie Tales
Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Stacey Smith said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

kathew said...

fabulous images! Great Magpie

Brian Miller said...

seems like the door to my imagination...i am unlocking...smiles. nice magpie!

Jingle said...

magical things is only one door away,
very powerful magpie!

Helen said...

Enjoyed your Magpie very much ~ but think I won't unlock, thank you!

willow said...

My fave was the kitchen of the house you lived in as a child.

RA said...

Magnificent! I'd unlock in a blink of an eye! :D

gospelwriter said...

Oh wow, "Unlock it if you dare", indeed. Love it!

Tumblewords: said...

Strong and eloquent!

ninotaziz said...

The ancient libraries of the world?

Loved it. And this is so Tiel Aisha Ansari! You never disappoint.