Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What I Should Have Said

when she said:

"You've touched a real bat?
That's creepy."


"No, no, bats are our friends,
they eat harmful bugs. It's not true
that they carry diseases
or get tangled in your hair. Bat conservation
is a good thing. The Audubon Society
and the Boy Scouts build bat houses. Look,
they're so delicate and soft
and they have cute little faces—"

Instead of what I really said which was:

"Don't worry.
I'll do my best not to get any on you."

--for Big Tent's prompt: what you wish you'd said.
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thelaughinghousewife said...

I'm kind of glad you didn't because you wouldn't then have got this great poem out of it. I love it.

vivinfrance said...

Your poem truly fulfils the prompt. So often I wish I had come up with a riposte that only comes to me in the middle of the night. But yours is brilliant - yes, I love bats too. We have some that live behind our external shutters.

1sojournal said...

This is a delightful poem and makes me envious. I can never think that fast, and agree with Viv, the only really good ones come in the middle of the night and no one ever hears them.


caroleesherwood said...

i like your "real" answer. "don't worry ... "


caroleesherwood said...

i like your "real" answer. "don't worry ... "


Diane T said...

Ilikeyour 'real' comment too. Hilariousm not creepy!

Diane T said...

oops I accidentally stuck in an M.... how about M&M's????

Tumblewords: said...

Bats around here - maybe even some in the belfry - and people who shriek and scurry. Nifty poem you've written!

Mary said...

Your poem gives me a new perspective on bats! (But I am still not a fan of them. Sigh.)

Kristen Haskell said...

Bats truly are wonderful creatures and I am glad you gave them such a positive spin. I think they are horribly mis-represented in the animal kingdom. Bravo!

Deb said...

What Kristen said, and love the humor, too.