Friday, October 29, 2010

Theme: Yellow

Buddha hand image from In through the out door
Pavement from Written Inc.
And I'm reposting this, because it's too cute.

A hand with fingers tapering and slender
shapes a mudra graceful, strange and cryptic
puzzling both the tourist and the mystic—
"think I've seen it somewhere, can't remember—"
on a statue, seated at the center
of some monastery's Buddha triptych
or the produce section, where the citric
fruits achieve satori in surrender?

Semblance of the hand that holds the Zen door!
Call it spurious, you carping critic
pride yourself on being the hardened skeptic:
I am charmed by vegetative splendor,
static dance of hand- and finger-gestures
made by fruit, evocative of... zest.
Collection available! Knocking from Inside

1 comment:

Carmi said...

I love the mashup! And In Through the Out Door always resonated with me because it spoke to those of us who defy convention, bristle at overly rigid rules and follow our own path. Great choice for this theme...and an absolute delight to explore with you!