Monday, March 14, 2011

The Ballad of "Long-Odds" Luke

Let me tell you my story and show you my hand
I'm Long-Odds Luke, I'm good luck in a can
I'm the one that the online casinos all banned
And just so you know what I've got
I'm a poker-bot.

I'll handle a joker as smooth as a jack
Go highball or lowball, play red or black
I live on a chip, but the bug in your stack
is just what I really am not
I'm a poker-bot.

I always play safe, but don't call me a nit
I just want my share when it comes to a split
And out by the rail is not where I sit
I stay where the action is hot
I'm a poker-bot.

They're hunting me down, it's a long drawn-out chase
They've caught all the other bots, now I'm the case
And the brick-mortar players think they have the ace
in the hole that will pick up the pot
Kill the poker-bot!

When you're holding a wheel-hand, I am the nut
I'm the rock in the river, the shot to the gut
The window-card's open if the door-card is shut
And the rules can't keep me off the spot
I'm a poker-bot.

Various poker terms used in this song are defined here.
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Mad Kane said...

How clever! I enjoyed that.
Mad Kane