Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm getting rid of my Google+ account

And here's why.

When I went to delete my Google+ account, I was asked to take a "why are you leaving" survey. Here's what I wrote:

I write professionally under a name that is not my legal name. I understand that this can cause my Google+ account to be deleted with no notice and no recourse. In addition, I understand that many people to whom this has happened have also lost access to other Google services such as gmail and Blogger. This would be catastrophic for me as a writer and is a risk I'm not willing to take.

I understand that there are problems with anonymity on the Internet; however, I've had this online identity for more than six years, have blogged extensively on my own blog and as a guest on others, and have been published professionally under the associated name. I am not a troll or a stalker. I'm a legitimate writer using a legitimate pen name.

I'm also not willing to be held guilty without even being given a chance to "prove" my innocence. If I hear in the future that Google has decided to be sane and considerate about enforcing Goggle+ accounts, I'll consider restoring my account. In the meantime, no.

For me it isn't even just an online ID: Everyone I've met in real life through poetry, eg. people who've come to my readings, read a poem of mine in a journal or read my book, attended workshops or OR Poetry Society events with me, as well as several members of the Portland Sufi community, know me by this name.

So, for anyone who's invited me to join their Google+ circle: sorry to be leaving, don't take it personally. I'm gone.

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ninotaziz said...

Thank you for sharing. I have to rethink.