Friday, October 07, 2011

"Our Vines have Tender Grapes"

our grass is dry
full of yellow stars and rockets
drowsy with bumblebees.
In the distance, Mt. Hood floats
above a horizon of haze.
Firs tower over us and in their shade
even the wind is stilled to a whisper.
Hammocks sway like tethered boats
promising at any moment to break free
and drift, drift into that same blue distance
rocking the dreamers to the creak of ropes.
Dreams billow like sails
reaching for sky just glimpsed
through limbs and needles overhead.

Later the dream-fleet disperses to home ports,
sails shrunken to painted canvas and scribbled sheets.
Other dreamers will fit these boats
with their own sails.

Plein Air, Columbia Crest Vineyards, Underwood WA

Collection available! Knocking from Inside

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