Wednesday, February 01, 2012

These are

the signposts along the way.
You must meet each one correctly.
Wind catching your coat like blackberry brambles: tear free.
The shriek of a fire alam: proceed without panic
to the nearest entrance.
Darkness. Light your lamp
and press forward.
Crowds of the restless dead. Offer comfort. You will receive
a guide or companion.
Smell of jasmine and hot copper. It is
a new country's border.
Flooded roads. Don't trust the boats. Rescue a giant fish
from a net; he will carry you safely.
If you have met no obstacles, change your path.

The surest sign of all:
your own footprints. Follow them
Into the zone where air
thickens against your movement. At the heart
of resistance is
your goal.

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1 comment:

J.Fields said...

Thank you, this is beautiful.
"If you have met no obstacles, change your path."
This line says it all.